J.J. Quantz:
Sonata No. 1 in A Minor [A] (arr. R. Caravan)

Originally composed for flute and continuo by the Baroque era's leading authority on flute, and a composer of numerous flute pieces, Quantz's "Sonata No. 1" in A minor is an uncomplicated and tuneful period sonata in three movements--Adagio, Presto, and Gigue. For this arrangement, the saxophone plays in the original key of A minor and the accompaniment is in C minor. Articulation and dynamic markings are consistent with Baroque performance practice and Quantz's own Treatise on the subject. This is an especially useful transcription for mid-level students who need an intermediate solo or a piece in Baroque style, comparable to the popular "Sonata No. 3" by Handel arranged by for alto saxophone by Sigurd Rascher, but somewhat shorter (and fully marked). This piece is also available in an arrangement for Bb Soprano or Tenor Saxophone and continuo. (Optional cello/bassoon part included for enhancing the continuo part.)

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